Some academically trained people believe that the process of hypnosis involves putting “something” into or onto the client, or taking “something” out… an action done by the hypnotist to the client. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We know that mind and matter are One…a continuum. Mind is the invisible, non-material aspect and matter is the visible, tangible aspect. And we know that  everything “expressed” in the body is a result of Mind, the action of mind through the Creative Substance.

Mind creates matter. Mind is thought, or pure consciousness.  And we think of Mind as First Cause. All behavior is  the expression of belief.  Every illness or chronic illness is an expression of a thought, idea or belief. And beliefs are ideas we have about reality, whether “true” or not. Most of our beliefs are unconscious. From this we can conclude that every chronic illness, whether Irritable Bowel Syndrome, fibromyalgia,  or MS  etc., is an expression of a belief, or constellation of beliefs.

In order to change the experience we have to change the thought or idea creating that experience. This can only take place with the full willingness, consent and engagement of the client.The hypnotherapist explains the process. The Hypnotherapist and the client agree as to what actions will be taken. The content of the experience is totally within the clients’ own “mind” and can never be fully anticipated. It is always a surprise.

Hypnosis allows the client to access deeper “unconscious” thoughts, beliefs and memories and to convince the deeper mind to change its’ mind!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change state. The processes used help the client change energy patterns in beneficial ways that can express as improved health and new behaviors in everyday experience.