How the Outer World Hypnotizes Us

From the time you were born to the present you have been tuned into the world around you. All the information about how to survive depends on our parents, teachers and these days the media: We get most of our information  about the world from the television, news media, movies and the internet. We have become a captive audience for the world view presented there. How many of us really think for ourselves?

A good way to understand how thoroughly “brainwashed” we are, check in with your inner dialogue: notice what you are saying to yourself and ask yourself the following questions:

Where are my thoughts coming from? Advertising/Marketing?     Technology:email/internet/print media/social media?

Ask yourself:where did these ideas come from? TV, internet, Facebook, Newspaper/magazine/ conversation with another person/movie//church/school/ book/ other?

You might notice what your current opinions are about any subject?                                           Where did I get this information? [same as above]

Who is doing my thinking for me?                  Whose opinion is this?                                 Specifically, what is the source: who said this or where did I read this?

Is this really what I believe?                                     Is there another point of view?