We all talk to ourselves…all day long. This is what is referred to as the “stream of consciousness,” or our inner dialogue. It never stops, even at night our dreaming mind continues where our day time mind leaves off. Ever try to meditate and hold a focus, keeping thoughts at bay and the mind from wandering… and then suddenly realize the “mind” has wandered far afield on some fantastic journey? What we say to ourselves creates our experience. Essentially we are hypnotizing ourselves with our inner dialogue.

Pick an issue or problem in your life, something that is bothering you right now. Notice what you are telling yourself about that problem. Do you have ideas about how it should or shouldn’t be, who is wrong or at fault?

What do you believe to be true about this issue? How do your thoughts, beliefs, ideas line up with your experience?

Since, for all practical purposes your beliefs create your reality, if you believe the world is a dangerous place, you probably will experience “dangerous” situations. If you believe the world is a happy and prosper sou place, you will probably be happy and prosperous.