The brain is not the mind. The brain is a physical structure and the mind is consciousness, which is movement and uses the brain. The Western Material Paradigm states that matter is all there is and all energy and form are generated out of matter. An alternate view states that Mind is first cause and generates form (matter). The physical brain and central nervous system is an information processor. The Mind uses the brain. We can’t function without the brain which is a physical structure , electro-magnetic and chemical in nature. The mind is non-physical in nature and is pure consciousness.
We have two “brains”, the right and the left hemispheres connected by a mass of nerve fibers called the corpus colossum. Each hemisphere has a distinct function.
• The Left brain is analytical, linear, rational, judgmental, discerning. It is the decision maker. It is the observing mind, the directive mind and the Objective Mind.
• The Right Brain is creative, abstract, metaphoric, spatial, visual, non-rational, non-linear, the Subjective Mind, receptive, connected to All that is.
We need both sides of the brain to function fully.
• The Left Brain is our “conscious” mind, the everyday mind, ego personality, our “awake” state. It is the seat of our will, our decision maker. The Left Brain can only access old or already known information: it is directive, not creative.
• The Right Brain is the “unconscious mind” and holds all that is outside of our awareness. It runs the body, contains all our memories, experiences, beliefs, values, and runs all the mini-programs that are in charge of our behaviors. It can access or “create” new information and experience and is our primary resource.
The two primary and distinct functions of mind are
LB: Objective, directive and conscious and the
RB: Subjective, creative/receptive, and unconscious(subconscious)
The Mind is never unconscious! It is always awake! Bur for our safety and convenience the Left Brain only receives snippets of information allowing us to function optimally. Everything else is “unconscious” or outside of our awareness. The Left Brain shuts down so that the body can sleep: regenerate. The Mind never sleeps.
The Subconscious, or Subjective, mind creates exactly what we think into it: what we believe. It is suggestible: what you say/think is what it will manifest in your life. We don’t know WHY (LB) this happens, we only know that it does happen through observation. This is the Law of Cause and Effect in action.
How do we use these aspects of the mind/brain to help us solve our problems?
• Using your conscious mind, decide what you want and state that sincere desire very specifically. Use the first person present tense: I am, I have, I do…You can write this down.
• Using all your sensory modalities visual, auditory(hearing) both inner and outer and physical sensations (kinesthetic), create a living image (use your imagination to create it) of exactly what you want your life to be like, adding in your emotional, feeling states: your sincere desire for this END RESULT. Imagine stepping into this image and experiencing your world just as you have imagined it.
• Say to yourself (your subconscious mind) “This is what I want.” Do this for a few moments every day.
We use the directive/Objective mind to decide what we want and create an image or a statement and then place that into the Subjective/ creative/subconscious mind. Then we thank the subjective mind/universe and let it go.
Focusing on the end result with our sincere desire and letting that go; and watching day by day for those opportunities that come our way to bring this stated desire into being. No need to make things happen or force things; just responding appropriately to those opportunities that arise, and noticing the changes…day by day…
As you go along day to day with the above process, notice what comes up for you: any thoughts, feelings, resistance etc.
These are the unconscious blocks that are keeping you from having what you want. Here is where we can use hypnosis to reinforce the stated desires through suggestion, and to explore the inner mind to find the source of the blocks and rework them to clear the path.
Give yourself all the time you need: according to the Five Elements Theory (Acupuncture) if you have had a condition for X number of years, you will be in treatment for X number of months. So if you have a your “problem” for 20 years, give yourself 2 years to totally change.

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