Past Life Regression

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You can create a significant healing experience through

Past Life Hypnosis

Many cultures past and present have believed in reincarnation, or the transmigration of souls: the return of the soul after death to another physical lifetime. Compelling research has uncovered many apparent accounts of such experiences. Many physicians and psychologists have discovered significant healing of physical ,emotional and spiritual issues experienced in the current lifetime using past life regression.

Past Life Facts:

  • Past lives exist in the “imaginal” or “subtle” realm as old programs, similar to computer data storage.
  • By reviewing and releasing these programs or patterns, current life issues can be resolved. Sometimes these issues have failed to respond to other types of treatment.
  • People carry old patterns, such as fears and addictions, that appear to have no obvious cause in the current lifetime. In some of these cases a connection with a past life may be found.
  • “Skamskaras” are tendencies of the mind, or thought patterns that come from past life experiences, and are carried into this life by the returning soul.
  • Many Tibetans believe that there is state called the “bardo”, a transition state between lifetimes, where the soul reviews and releases past experiences and prepares for future incarnation.
  • It may not be necessary to re-experience past life programming in order to heal, as there are many approaches to healing. However, it can be a profound experience, and often releases chronic patterns that have become a serious problem for the person seeking change. Resolving this mystery can release tremendous healing power.
  • You don’t have to believe in reincarnation or past lives to have a wonderful experience. You can consider this the working of the metaphoric mind, or the deep imagination, and it can still result in effective healing.
  • Some people currently carry a physical imprint of past life injures in the form of birthmarks, physical and emotional pains and deep spiritual wounding.
  • Hypnosis is a perfect vehicle for exploring past life experiences that may bring transformation of both the past and the present lifetimes.
  • It is safe. It requires only that you relax deeply and allow your imagination free reign. Regardless of your belief system we can all experience “another time and another place from which we can view the situation you find yourself in now.” You can treat it like a dream, watching a good movie or just metaphor for your current dilemmas.