Experience the transformative power of Reiki healing

The Practice of Reiki can be an antidote for our stressful modern lifestyle. In addition, Reiki treatments can work to complement and enhance many medical interventions.

What is Reiki and what can it do for you?

Reiki is a specific frequency of the Universal Life Force Energy
that is channeled through the hands of the healer into the energy field and body of the client.

The Reiki energy fills the person’s aura, chakras, and physical body.The practice of Reiki is a physical hands-on technique which uses a specific frequency of subtle energy to open the relaxation response, accessing the parasympathetic nervous system’s processes, and opens body, mind, and spirit to healing.

It is spirit- or God-directed healing energy that can only be used for healing, never harm.

Medical studies have determined that Reiki reduces stress, lowers heart and respiration rates, reduces bleeding and pain, helps insomnia. and calms anxiety.

Dispelling Reiki Myths 

“All ideas are true even those that are false.”- Idris Lahore-

The following are Some Common Reiki Myths:

A Reiki attunement confers special powers and enlightenment .

No. Reiki attunements are an initiation, opening the energy system and nervous system of the receiver to the flow of Reiki energy. A Reiki attunement can result in a spiritual opening. In any case the receiver has to develop their Reiki practice, or it is like the wheat falling on stony ground. Attunements are a form of Shaktipat: a transmission of spiritual energy from the teacher to the student, which is also a spiritual opening that the student has to develop.

A Reiki Master has special powers and is an enlightened spiritual being.

No. A Reiki Master is someone who has received the Master symbols through the attunement process and can give attunements to others, as well as teach others how to practice Reiki.

Reiki attunements can be done at a distance. This is still controversial. Most teachers say no. Steve Murray says yes. I have a friend who says that she attuned her daughter the same way she sends distance healing. Many people sell attunements via the internet. I have not tried this myself, so hold a neutral opinion. If we can heal over distance, which is sending the energy via the Distance Symbol, why not send the attunement the same way? It is definitely not the traditional way. I would like to test this one before I make any decision.

Reiki energy is intelligent and goes where it is needed. OR Reiki is an intelligent energy and it knows what must be healed, and how it must be healed.

Frank Petter says “yes and no”. He gives the example of the energy we feel in our hands when we do scanning being both the Reiki energy and the body indicating where it needs the energy to go. I believe it is more because the Reiki energy, which comes from the highest Creative source, interacts with the bodymind intelligence, and the bodymind does the healing. The bodymind intelligence is vast; it is beyond our comprehension, just as the power of the creative force we call Reiki is beyond our comprehension. The Reiki energy is neutral, impartial. It does not have ideas or concepts or make judgments. (The Lords send the rains to fall on the just and the unjust.) The Reiki symbols in your energy field and your intention guide the energy into the body. We have a scope of influence through the symbols and our intention that this very simple and naïve belief negates. However, Reiki energy is information and the bodymind responds and does the healing.  That is why we don’t have to really do anything except channel the energy: we can’t heal another person: not medical doctors or any other healer can actually do the healing. The bodymind heals itself. We as “healer” set the space, create the container and the intention and channel the energy/ healing information. That is all we can do. The rest is up to the receiver.

All you have to do is (get your attunement), put your hands down and the energy will flow: And “that’s all you need to know about Reiki.” These are the messages I received from my first teacher. Hopefully other Reiki students are receiving more information.

This is where we all start, and we don’t have to stay there. There is so much more to learn about the practice of Reiki. Reiki is an energy that we channel after receiving an attunement. The rest is ways of practice.First we are learning to perceive the energy: the flow in our hands, feeling the warmth etc.then we learn the basics of hand positions, timing, etc.Now we learn to respond to the experience of perceiving the energy by learning scanning, etc. This is where we start with Reiki.Reiki can be a very rich practice and lifelong study. I like to give students at least a glimpse of what is possible.

Dr. Usui was a Christian: This is no longer in dispute. Dr. Usui was a life-long Buddhist. However, there are still some teachers and traditions of Reiki in the West who have not been willing to accept what has been established through historical records in Japan.

Dr. Usui had no previous experience has a healer when he received his enlightenment on Mt Kurama.

According to Idris Lahore in his book The Three Secrets of Reiki Tao Te Qi, pages 1-17, our traditional understanding of Dr. Usui may be incorrect or at least very limited. He contends that his grandfather met Mikao Usui when they were both studying with a Taoist master in China. He described Gyoho* (as he was known in China) as having “magic hands”. He also states that in 1892 Mikao Usui contracted cholera and had a near-death experience, during which he had a transcendental experience and become aware of his gifts of a healer.

Although these statements cannot be verified, they give a different perspective than the usual simplified ideas.


Dr. Usui received the symbols during his meditation on Mt. Kurama.

A word needs to be said about the meditation Dr. Usui practiced on Mt. Kurama. It is called the Morning Star Meditation.  It is a 100 day fast and the practitioner chants a mantra until he receives an enlightenment or satori. Dr. Usui received his satori on the 21st day, and so ended his meditation. There is no evidence that he received the symbols at this time. See Big Book of Reiki Symbols by Mark Hosak for more information about this meditation.The actual symbols that we use in Reiki have a long history of development from other traditions, the Sanskrit siddam from the Vedic tradition, possibly Taoist, as well as the Japanese esoteric Buddhism.There is also anecdotal evidence that these symbols may have been in existence when Dr. Usui learned them in China (Idris Lahore). Although the Dai-Ko-Myo kanji exists in many Buddhist texts, Mark Hosak could find no trace of the HSZSN anywhere in Japan or China. Also, the sophistication of the HSZSN and the various origins of the symbols indicate a highly trained mind. Dr Usui was a student (practitioner) and scholar of esoteric traditions in both China and Japan, and could have been the author of these symbols; Except for the DKM which was already in existence. I have seen a counterclockwise spiral (the Taiji or spiral force) recently in a Taoist Nei Gong book, indicating a possible origin of the CKR from Taoism and the Wu shamans of Prehistoric China.

Dr. Usui received his first experience of Reiki energy during his Mt Kurama experience.

Maybe not. We received our idea of Dr. Usui from Mrs. Takata, who never knew him, as he was already dead when she visited Japan. She depicted him as a simple little man who was not very successful in his personal and professional life; who somehow received Reiki and the symbols all at once in a flash of inspiration on Mt Kurama, and then began his teaching and healing work. Subsequent research about his life has revealed a much different possibility. The testimony of Idris Lahore, the research of William Rand, Frank Petter and his wife, Chetna Kobiyashi, and Walter Lubeck and Mark Hosak all have contributed to a picture of Mikao Usui as a life-long scholar, seeker and practitioner of the esoteric and healing arts. If his business failed, it may have been because he was not a business man. If his family became estranged, it may have been because he neglected them.

Because Reiki is intelligent, we can ask it to heal specific ailments.

If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the mind. -Plato

Even DR. Usui understood that when he had healed a persons’ body, that person might return in a few months with the same illness.That is the purpose of Level II and the second degree symbol. Working at the mental/emotional level (bodymind ) we can help the person change their mental patterns, often unconscious, in order for the body to be well.

When we use our intention to ask for a person’s healing and for specific healing, we are really addressing the Universal Mind and the individual bodymind that is the expression of Universal mind. The interaction of the Reiki energy with the bodymind and the bodyminds’ response create the healing.

You can write out your grocery list, chat, space out, and plan what you will make for dinner etc while you are channeling Reiki.

Actually, no you can’t. To fully channel the energy, it is necessary to be in an altered state of consciousness, a meditative state, which is quite different from the day-to-day mind of the left brain that does the planning of the meals and shopping trips.  When we channel Reiki we slow down, relax and open into the heart space and right brain: the brain waves slow down into alpha-theta, the body processes slow down, and we connect with the deeper intuitive mind. When we shift our focus away from channeling Reiki into the left brain thinking mode, the energy flow can be diminished or cut off.

We learn and practice the Usui System of Reiki Healing.

Again, No: It is more accurate to say that we learn the Hayashi/Takata system and modern variations. Mrs. Takata learned from Chujiro Hayashi who was a student of Dr. Usui. He was considered the “bad boy” of Reiki. He only studied with Dr. Usui for about 8 months and then broke away and started his own healing practice. Although we do have a translated copy of the manual that Dr. Usui gave his students, (also, the one Dr. Hayashi used), there is a lot missing from what we know about Dr. Usui’s original practices. For example, we do not know how attunements were passed or how students were taught. The present day Japanese (who still follow his original way) are reluctant to reveal information to or take Westerners into their societies. Whatever Mrs. Takata brought to us may be a distortion of the Japanese systems, but we are able to piece together some of the original teachings and practices we have from research in Japan. Reiki continues to evolve and is adapted to our modern needs.  We do honor Dr. Usui as the founder of modern Reiki, and we share the lineage through Dr. Hayashi and Mrs. Takata.