Smoking Cessation

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Do you want to become a non-smoker for life?
If you are going to stop smoking, why not stop for good?


Can you remember

the first time you smoked a cigarette?
Yes   No

Did you enjoy it?
Or did you cough, gag, and feel dizzy or nauseated?

Did you know that your body had to learn to smoke and to like the effects of smoking?

Can you remember who you were with?    Yes  No

Do you still know those people? Does what they think matter to you Now?

Can you remember the reason you started?    Yes   No

Did you think it would make you:
Glamorous, sexy, macho, grown-up, part of the “in crowd,”
or were you curious, seeking adventure, rebelling against authority?

Would you make a life-changing commitment
for the same reasons today?

How do you know when you are really ready to quit?

Take the test:  Ready or Not Smoking Quiz