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How do you know when your are really ready to quit smoking?

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Where are you?

l. Is smoking something you enjoy and other people are nagging you to quit?      Yes    No

Do you just want to get those naggers off your back? …OR

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2. Do you enjoy smoking, but realize the downsides for your health, and your pocketbook?      Yes    No

Want to learn more about quitting?

3. Do you wonder whether giving up cigarettes is worth the effort?      Yes    No

Want to learn about the benefits of becoming a non-smoker?

4. Do you want to quit smoking, but doubt if you can actually do it?      Yes    No

Learn about your options for becoming a non-smoker

5. Have you been smoking for so long you wonder who you will be without cigarettes?      Yes    No

Become a non-smoker who doesn’t even think about cigarettes and stay that way for the rest of your life. Learn more

6. You are ready to quit today and want to know more about the options?      Yes    No

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