Weight Release FAQs

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Many people have questions about weight gain and weight release.

Did you know:

That 65% of Americans are overweight?
(You are considered medically obese if you weigh 25 lbs over you normal weight.)

Childhood obesity is epidemic.

Type II diabetes and hypertension are pandemic.


1. What causes weight gain?

Hereditary/genetic background

Medical issues: some medication/prescriptions can cause weight gain


Emotional reasons


Poor diet

Food addictions


2. What are the main reasons that most people have weight issues?

The quality of food you eat

Emotional eating.



3. What is emotional eating?

When you chose food to tranquilize painful emotions, relieve stress, or cope in social situations, you are eating for emotional reasons.

When you overeat, or are not in control when you are around food such as eating the whole gallon of ice cream or the whole bag of chips.

Compulsive overeating and subsequent weight gain serve to fulfill an emotional need.

4. What difference does it make what I eat?

Our food is grown on depleted soil, saturated with chemical fertilizers, doused with pesticides and herbicides which are heavy toxins that accumulate in the soil and don’t wash off your food.

Then it is heavily processed, and more and more synthetic ingredients are added.

Mechanized agribusiness has damaged and degraded our cropland, creating dead soil.

Dead soil = dead food!

The life has been processed out of our food. The food you are eating can literally be making you fat and sick.

5. What can I eat that will help me lose weight and be healthy?

Just about every weight release / health program begins with the same advice:

Eat whole, fresh foods!

What does this mean?

Fresh whole foods are:

Fruit and vegetables from the fresh food section

Whole grains and whole grain breads and pasta

Meat/fish from the meat counter

Cheese, yogurt, and eggs from the dairy case

When you go to the grocery store do you buy fresh, uncooked, unprocessed and unpackaged food and go home and cook your meals from scratch? How often?

6. What are food additives and why should I avoid them?

Food additives are chemical substances that are added to food as sweeteners, extenders, preservatives and substitutions for real food ingredients.

The following food additives have been clinically proven to cause weight gain and other health problems:

Aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners


High Fructose Corn Sweetener: Learn more


7. How can reading food labels help me?

Reading food labels can help you avoid harmful ingredients and make better food choices. When you buy fresh, whole foods you avoid most harmful ingredients.

8. What are the benefits of diet change?


Reduce stress

Slim down

Increase energy

Improve appearance and overall health


9. What are the benefits of exercise?

Same benefits as above plus:

Improve physical health

Tone muscles and increase flexibility

Erase the effects of stress

Open an inner door to true peace and happiness


10. What about eating fat? Doesn’t eating fat make me fat?

Not necessarily. Your body needs fat to be healthy. There are good fats and bad fats. Bad fats are industrial food products that harm the body, including all heat-processed vegetable oils, margarine and Crisco, polyunsaturated fats and trans fats.

Butter and dairy fat are healthy fats.

Learn more

11. Why can‘t I just use will power?

You can use your will power for certain situations and for short-term quick fixes.

However, when you use will power, you are using your conscious mind. If there is an unconscious or emotional reason for your behavior, such as eating too much ice cream or chocolate, the unconscious reason will win every time!